Volunteering with The Langley Food Bank means you can make a positive impact in The Langley/Aldergrove community!

Volunteering gives you a wonderful opportunity to give back to your community, meet new people, have new experiences, volunteering with the Langley Food Bank could be the right place for you.

Volunteers are the heart of the Langley Food Bank. More than 28 Langley Food Bank volunteers share their time and skills to help others every day.

The Langley Food Bank is here to help our Clients face the hardship when finances become very slim. Many of our clients have said that we have helped when they had the choice of paying our hydro or eating a meal. Some have been so thankful and return home blessed as we share the spirit of dignity.

We are a Christian based organization. This means we will go the extra miles to help our clients, we can help with spiritual needs.

The Langley Food Bank is an incorporated society, registered with Revenue Canada as a non-profit organization, and is entirely funded through the support of local churches, organizations, and individuals. It does not receive any support from any government bodies.

Volunteer Registration

The application process is a three step process

  1. Fill in First step-Volunteer Form
  2. Sign off on Second Step-Volunteer Form
  3. We will want to get to know you with an interview.

Complete either the fillable form or the PDF one

Volunteering with The Langley Food Bank

If fillable form is unavailable, please print the form and fill it out.

Langley Food Bank-Volunteer form

Scan it and send it to "info@langleyfoodbank.com"