The Langley Food Bank is an incorporated society, registered with Revenue Canada as a non-profit organization, and is entirely funded through the support of local churches, organizations, and individuals. It does not receive any support from any government bodies.

Vision and Mission

To establish, maintain, and conduct a practical helping ministry to the needy in Langley.
To facilitate the effective preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor through the good works of its volunteers.

We Believe

God has a special concern for those who cannot care for their own needs. He clearly calls His people to share His concern and express His compassion to the poor and needy.

God’s heart towards the poor is not one of harshness or judgment, but rather one of mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and help. Scripture tells us to aggressively work to rescue the poor from the oppression of poverty through our good works and to administer true justice on their behalf, which includes showing mercy and compassion.

The Langley Food Bank is a very effective voice in preaching the gospel to the poor through the good works of its volunteers because actions speak louder than words. Actions will often create the ‘pathway’ for the words to be heard.

God’s call to the church is to identify with the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable, and to invest our time, energy and money in serving them.

The long term objective in all that we do is to effect lasting transformation in the lives of our clients – to bring them from a life of poverty to a life of productivity and hope. We recognize the absolute need for the intervention and work of the Holy Spirit as crucial to this process as well as the vital necessity for a new and ongoing relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ His son. The Langley Food Bank Society operates the following programs:

Langley Food Bank
Aldergrove Food Bank


To provide a minimum of 2 days' worth of nutritious food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) for our clients and their families each week.
To develop relational bridges with clients in order to discover other needs they may have.
To find a way to meet these needs whether they are physical, social, or spiritual in nature.