Langley Food Bank


The Langley Food Bank is open for distribution every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10AM until 2PM.  It was first opened in September 1989 and has always had many enthusiastic volunteers who help in a variety of tasks including distribution, cleaning, food packaging, paperwork, and sorting.img_0282

The food bank has always relied on God and the generosity of the community and has never run out of food or had to ask for more.  During the early years services provided included a café serving hot meals, free clothing, laundry and shower services as well as the grocery distribution.  Eventually other community resources provided these needs and it was decided to focus on the grocery distribution and use the space to expand that aspect.  We continue to provide a birthday closet for our clients’ children up to the age of 12. 

There are currently about 600 client families registered at the Langley Food Bank . Including dependents, we are helping over 1,000 people with their food requirements each week
Objectives of the Langley Food Bank
  • To provide a minimum of 2 day’s worth of nutritious food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) for our clients and their families each week.

  • To develop relational bridges with clients in order to discover other needs they may have.
  • To find a way to meet these needs whether they are physical, social, or spiritual in nature.

In order to help us meet these objectives, the Langley Food Bank has been set up in a mini-mart style.  Groceries are stocked in various categories on store shelves so that clients can make their own selection from each category.  Quantity limits are set depending on the size of the family.  Langley Food Bandyc_7950k volunteers assist each client in making their selections and bagging their groceries.  Registered clients may come for groceries once each week.