untitled-9-of-38Where Does Our Support Come From?

The Langley Food Bank does not conduct any direct fundraising activities of any kind. The Food Bank depends entirely on God to move in the hearts of people in the community to give. A foundational desire is to see God demonstrate His love towards the poor, through Him providing the supplies needed from week to week. In this way, all will need to acknowledge God’s provisions and all the glory will be to Him. (Isaiah 41:17-20) Our primary responsibility as co-workers together with God is to facilitate the collection/receiving and distribution of goods in a service of faith, obedience, compassion, and humility. In 2013, we distributed well over $2,000,000.00 worth of groceries and toys, all free of charge. All of this was donated by caring individuals, businesses, churches, schools, and civic groups in our community. Our service is an expression of our love for God and a reflection of God’s love towards the poor. It is not a religious duty or obligation, but a privilege to serve that naturally flows out of our relationship with God. Our service needs to be in a constant atmosphere and attitude of prayer, and as a result intercession forms a vital part of our serving and indeed of the entire operation of the Langley Food Bank.